Crystal Lagoons and Steve Wynn to bring paradise to Las Vegas

27 July, 2016 / News
Crystal Lagoons concept - Idyllic beach life and water sports (Small)

Wynn Resorts has announced an overhaul of its iconic Las Vegas property, including the replacement of its famous 18-hole golf course with giant crystalline lagoon, developed by multinational innovation company, Crystal Lagoons.

The project will be the biggest development Steve Wynn’s company has undertaken in Las Vegas in almost a decade. Paradise Park is expected to cost around $1.5 billion and will replace the 18-hole golf course at Wynn-Encore, the company’s flagship resort, with a giant crystal-clear lagoon, developed by Crystal Lagoons, world-renowned multinational company devoted to technological innovations in water and crystalline lagoons.

Wynn’s grand Paradise Park vision still needs to be approved by the company’s board of directors before construction can begin. If it does win approval, the project could be a major boon for Wynn’s Las Vegas operations. Telsey Advisory Group analysts predicts that Wynn’s 18-hole golf course generates EBITDA of $5 million annually, while Paradise Park could increase that to $300 million to $400 million. This proves once more the positive effect Crystal Lagoons has on real estate projects by increasing commercial value and speeding up sales.

Wynn’s paradise in the desert

The plans for Paradise Park come with all of the grandeur expected of Steve Wynn and his investments. The main draw of the development will be a 38-acre lagoon built by Crystal Lagoon, whose technology enables bringing the idyllic lifestyle of the beach anywhere in the world. Thanks to the company’s tech, the water of the lagoon will be clean for swimming with white-sand beaches all around the one-mile perimeter and a small island in the middle.

It is worth mentioning that Crystal Lagoons’ sustainable technology will allow the lagoon to use 30 times less water than a typical 18-hole golf course of the same size, and this lagoon will be far smaller than the 18-hole course it is replacing. Furthermore, the company’s state-of-the-art technology uses up to 100 times less chemicals than traditional swimming pools, with an ultrasonic filtration system that uses up to 50 times less energy than conventional filtration systems.

The development will also feature a new 1,000-room hotel, 250,000 square feet of meeting space, restaurants, and other attractions such as music and live performances, water skiing, paddle boarding, zip-lining, nightly firework shows, and more.

The 18-hole golf course should close this fall, replaced by a 9-hole course, and construction of Paradise Park will begin this year pending board approval. If all goes according to plan, Paradise Park will open to the public in 2020.



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