Fernando Fischmann


Fernando is an influential scientist, innovator and businessman. At Crystal Lagoons® – an American multinational water-innovation company that in less than ten years since its foundation has accomplished over 600 projects in different stages of operation, planning, design and construction in 60 countries worldwide – Fernando has developed proprietary technologies that are positively impacting the world.

Fernando has been honored many times by prestigious international awards, such as “Entrepreneur of the year”, “Innovator of the year”, and “Businessman of the year”. In 2016, he received in Rome The Stevie® Award, popularly known as The Oscars of the world of business, and previously awarded to Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos. He has also been honored with the Green Apple Award at Britain’s House of Commons two years in a row (2016 and 2017) for his industrial cooling technologies,  and with the Real Innovator Award, by the London Business School, to mention a few.

Fernando’s crystalline lagoons are limitless in size and they are taking the beach lifestyle to some of the most diverse regions of the world thanks to the development of proprietary water-treatment technologies that represent very low water, chemical and energy consumption, adding up to a sum total of 2,000 patents in 190 countries. As a consequence, Crystal Lagoons intellectual property has been valued at US $4.1 billon.

Nowadays, the world’s top amenity is changing the way we live in cities, forever. Crystal Lagoons new Public Access Lagoons™ model is propelling a new generation of urban recreational amenities and is setting a new standard for public space and leisure. PAL™ are open to everyone and are being developed in some of the most diverse settings in the world, such as public parks and other leisure spots. They are bringing holiday destinations to people’s doorsteps.

The wide range of beaches and scenery make PAL a perfect gathering spot for the XXI century, and are the ideal place to enjoy cultural events and shows. This is an idyllic concept in demand all over the world that sets the dawn of a new era for urban life, and of infinite projections for Crystal Lagoons.

In recent years, Fernando has developed a set of applications of high environmental relevance that could potentially help solve global issues, such as water and energy scarcity. Some of these technologies are sustainable industrial cooling systems and energy-less desalination methods, to mention a few.

Fernando’s innovations have positively disrupted water-treatment and purification technologies, in areas such as industrial processes, public spaces, recreational facilities and ornamental settings, in both private or public projects.

Up until now, over 10,000 media outlets have already reported on Fernando’s innovations, and Crystal Lagoons has 5 branch offices around the world.